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  • Fue Hair Transplant


    Alayaa Clinic skilled hands of our surgeons have transformed several lives through successful Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Chandigarh That makes us a trusted hair loss clinic! health services that provide various hair transplant Specialist methods.

  • PRP Hair Transplant

    Platelet Rich Plasma for hair loss is a non-surgical procedure that also helps in faster growth of newly implanted hair follicles get after this therapy is ‘Better and The Faster’ growth rate of your hair also plays a role in healing.

  • Mesotherapy For Hair Loss

    Mesotherapy is a minimally intrusive technique created for pain relief, in 1952 by the French specialist Michel Pistor. Mesotherapy. It is a treatment applied by infusing extraordinary combinations containing multi-vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and some growth factors into the skin. It acts by animating cell recovery where it is injected.

  • Cosmetic Hair Fusion

    CHF (Cosmetic Hair Fusion) is the world’s generally refined and progressed non-careful cosmetic hair replacement system for baldness that gives the ideal density to the hair instantly.  The cosmetic fusion strategy has proven to give extra advantages over other hair restoration methods

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